Electronics recycling

Electronics recycling

The term “hazardous waste” is not limited to the exhausts of chemical and petroleum waste companies, but most people deal in their daily lives with devices that contain toxic materials such as computers and other electronic devices.

It should be noted that e-waste is classified as hazardous if it contains toxic, flammable, corrosive, or reactive components.

Most electronic device circuits contain heavy metals, such as lead and mercury.

These toxic substances can seep into the soil and possibly into the groundwater.

From circuit boards to monitors to batteries to cables, toxic materials in computers pose a real threat to everyone involved with computers.
Therefore, it must be safely disposed of and its components recycled in accordance with local and international standards, which is what is done at Triple Ray using the latest technology in electronics recycling.

Contact us if you are a representative of a company or institution wishing to obtain a certificate of safe disposal of e-waste and all permits for the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Industry.

In addition to benefiting from the best financial return in Egypt.


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