who are we

An Egyptian joint stock company specializes in managing and recycling hazardous wastes, especially electronic and electrical and mechanical waste as well as mineral scrap

This is based on the risks of those wastes on health and the environment, as well as unsafe transport and inappropriate disposal by burial, burning and other illegal methods.

who are we

Since the beginning of 2018 .. Duly work and fixed steps towards leadership in the management and recycling of electronic waste, mechanical, and electrical.

♻️ Triple Ri Riha has confident partners in major industrial institutions in Egypt.

♻️ The first factory gets the ISO 14001 certificate in environmental management.

♻️ أول مصنع لإعادة تدوير المخلفات الكهربية مثل المولدات والمحولات الكهربائية ومواتير الكهرباء والكابلات وحاصل على جميع الموافقات 

From the Ministry of Environment, Industrial Development Authority, Ministry of Communications, Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce and Industry 

♻️ We are working to convert electronic waste into reusable or eco-friendly raw materials in accordance with regulations and internationally.

Our goal

 Providing a high quality in transforming electronic waste into reuse and environmentally friendly raw materials in accordance with regulations, locally and internationally

Our vision and mission

Green mission

Our mission is our role in proving our ability to take advantage of this neglected treasure through an effective action plan.

Economic task

Where Egypt annually produces nearly 90,000 tons of waste and is not optimized as many countries during which many countries

In the field of recycling of these waste and making use of psychological metals and raw materials inside

Community role


We are keen to perform our community role in the need to promote and disseminate the culture of recycling and the importance of waste for national economy and risk awareness

Health on human and environmental health, soil, air, water and gravity of random and inadval disposal of waste.

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