It is an Egyptian joint stock company legally approved for the management and recycling of hazardous waste, especially electronic, electrical, mechanical, metal and scrap waste with all its components.

We follow international environmental e-waste recycling practices and are the first factory to receive ISO-14001 certification in environmental management.

What do we offer you in Triple Re?

In accordance with security and environmental standards and to ensure that data is not accessed

Recycling electronic waste in an environmentally friendly way

We offer return and recycling service for electronic, electrical and mechanical devices

Organizes a network to collect electronic, electrical and mechanical waste to protect the environment

Get rid of your waste

The latest technologies 

Dispose of your electronic, electrical and mechanical waste safely and confidently that it is recycled in a safe hands and a sound way to preserve humanity


Stages of recycling electronic waste

Recycling of electronic residues are divided into four main stages

assembly stage

We collect electronic, electrical and mechanical waste from companies, factories, banks, charitable and governmental institutions

screening stage

In this process, all inputs from computers, electronic devices, boards, cables, converters, etc. are sorted.

jaw stage

The device is disassembled through a manual line to its basic components mechanical disassembly and at this stage the components are separated

extraction stage

Metals are separated by machines dedicated to extracting copper, aluminum and other metals


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Company message

We work hard in Triple Re to achieve our goal, to see Egypt without the damage of e-waste and sustainable development in solid and hazardous waste management sector.

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